April 29, 2010

Realscreen's Global 100 - Addicted to Money

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My latest documentary “Addicted to Money” was voted in the top 100 world wide by this years prestigious Real Screen magazine.

The fifth annual edition of realscreen’s Global 100, in which they celebrate the companies making what our readers deem to be the best work in non-fiction film and television, is now online.

Check out the full list on the Real Screen website.

  1. wills


    Can I be the first to extend my congratulations to you on this achievement.

    Richly deserved David.



  2. I’d echo wills there David. Magnificient achievement.

  3. G

    Well done, you’ve been pushing it and trying to explain.

  4. Well done David, well deserved.

  5. Colin_in_exile

    Congrats David,

    Keep up the good work. We’re all behind you.

  6. AndrewGMooney

    Well done. I hope this brings you more exciting opportunities.

  7. Congratulations David .Please write more books.

  8. mick.dfarmer

    Well done David, listened to your comments on Matt Cooper show yesterday, you’ve got your finger on the pulse. Now that everyone is going to basics any chance that you will do a documentary on Ireland’s agricultural industry and the plight of our farmers?

  9. Aim for the ONE spot:)

    Congrats and best


  10. stiofanc02

    comhghairdeachas! You are the man. Must be a great feeling. Loved the uranium balls being developed for the nuclear reactor sequence. Keep em comin……………

  11. Keith Cantillon

    Congratulations David!

    I was talking about that documentary with 2 Australian accountants today.

  12. Black Cat

    That’s one I won’t be deleting from my Sky box, I make visitors watch it, definitely deserves the credit it gets.

  13. Ruairí

    Well done my man!

    Long overdue recognition for your ability to seamlessly create metaphors for all to see and internalise the problems and opportunities we face together.

    Roll on dialogues and trialogues with the king of the Konomists……

  14. Thanks for all the comments. Its nice to get international recognition particularly, when you see what wins awards sometimes here in Ireland!

  15. Hi David,

    Congratulations. I’m Irish, living in the US and would love to see this documentary. Is it available over here?

    With thanks,


  16. Tim

    Congratulations, David, and richly-deserved recognition for the invaluable work that you do.

  17. silentobserver

    Congratulations, David!. Well deserved. You’ve been the proverbial “voice in the desert”, from the very start of this current debt crisis. Your comment rightly reveals a level frustration; but hope you realise that your voice of reason over the years has infuenced many people. There would probably be a lot more people in trouble in Ireland, if it wasn’t for your consistent message of financial prudence; myself being one. You’ve been able to voice what many people’s instincts have been telling them. Please, keep bringing your brand ethical economics to the people of Ireland (and Australia – as I’m a half breed!)! Peter

  18. Congratulations David. Hope to see the documentary some time here in the southern hemisphere

  19. can you direct less or no comment to my e mail as there seem to many.

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