March 29, 2010

Nationalisation of the Banks

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In light of today’s news stories about the nationalisation of the banks tomorrow, I was reminded of an article I wrote back in November suggesting all the banks would be nationalised by March.

Read the article again here:

  1. stiofanc02

    Well David, its good to be the king. You hit this one out of the park yet again. I am stunned that the people of this country cant force this shower out of office. In the U.S. you can recall the Governer, Impeach the president, so on and so forth, but here….. we get the Red C poll. Great, the red C poll, we now know what we knew already. Wonderful. What good is it to us? We all agree we want them out but cant do a damn thing about it. Very frustrating.In my day Mary Coughlan would be in the womens dept of a major retailer fitting bras. Thats all. Maybe a night auditor in a hotel but thats the best she would do, but here, hah! She runs a major part of the country . What world do I live in? And the bloated embarrassment of a leader in Cowen. What can I say. And the talking heads you often refer to regurgitating the pap given them to spew, its unbelievable to me. Lunchtime on newstalk today, one of these guys was there and to here him tell it, we are in pretty good shape. I dont know how much more I can take. How much can one man take before he snaps? Thanks for keeping me sane and informed. Your fan, Steve

  2. malone

    Mr McWilliams

    Either you have a crystal ball to predict these things or you have a rich network of information producing sources which are place at very fruitful locations.
    Indeed keep up the good work

  3. Bamboo

    Thank you David.
    Now We can move forward and take note of all your predictions in our future planning. I urge especially young couples and families to take note of what is said in this forum and spread the word around. I was (half) listening to something on the radio today about young couples queuing up again to get on the property ladder.

    Be careful folks!!!

  4. Hi David
    Just wondering, is there anybody out there able to tell me exactly how much did the Taxpayers of this country pay for each of the government shares of AIB, and Bank of Ireland.
    This is before the latest round of new shares they will be purchasing on our behalf ?

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