May 29, 2009

Government and Multinational Support for Start-ups

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The future growth of the country is in the hands of those in the multinational sector who have the gumption and support to leave and start exporting businesses of their own. They will have the contacts in low wage economies to lower the cost of starting up and then as they grow start employing more Irish people.

So a combination of the government continuing to support and attract multinationals, supporting training within those multinationals and making sure that the multinationals have a positive view of people leaving and setting up businesses which do not compete against them but which use the technical and sales skills learnt within them; then we have a good plan for the future prosperity of Ireland. It’s all about government and Multi-national support of highly skilled ex-Multinational Irish people and returning ex-Pats to start and grow exporting companies.

  1. Tax relief for multi-nationals should require Sales and Marketing training for all engineers and technologists every couple of years.

    Two reasons:
    - Every engineer should be able to sell their ideas, their work and their capabilities internally anyway; so the multinational will benefit anyway
    - When the multi-national leaves, or downsizes in Ireland, the technologists are in a much better position with their training over the years in sales and marketing, on top of all their high technical skills

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