March 18, 2009

Encouraging spending

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I note alot of the current problem is people are not spending in the economy. I know it is necessary that the goverent need to collect taxes and need money urgently but is it not more beneficial to get people to spend money in Ireland which might help retain jobs and give a higher return on taxes, and less possibly spent on dole payments. My idea would be on the pension levy which is worth € 1.4b to the economy. Would it not be better to say to the public sector we will continue to take this levy every week off the pay packet, however, if at the end of the year it can be proven by VAT receipts that someone has spent the equivalent of the levy on goods and services in ireland that the can claim a portion of the money back. Would this not be an idea to get people to spend again and also keep money in the economy and also get people to spend money in the economy and not the black market. Also would those on social welfare be not better off getting coupons much like they do in America to pay for food etc.. again to encourage people to spend locally to keep money in the economy as alot of people buy on line now which is money out of the economy.

  1. Deco

    My diagnosis of the problem is that Ireland is spent out…..All thanks to all those ‘bullishly optimictic’ economic forecasts from Dan McLoughlin, and the leadership of ‘ditherer’….

    Mind you the spending in Newry does not help. I heard a rumour that the Drumcondra Ditherer has a share in a shopping centre in Newry. Therefore go to Enniskillen, Armagh etc…

    We are a nation in massive private sector debt. Our newfound love of borrowing went to such an extreme that we owe several hundred million thanks to a series of spending booms…which made a temporary impact on Manhatten fashion boutiques and Budapest apartments about two years ago….but it is all over now…

    The problem is not lack of spending (though IBEC would like us to beleive this).

    The problem is lack of earning. Just look at Waterford, Limerick or the Midlands. Too many people not in regular jobs.

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