March 13, 2009

Legalise Cannabis

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Controversial one but it makes economic sense. Massive tax revenue that is currently untapped. Think of it as the new tobacco. Added benefits of removing the need for enforcement from Garda and prosecution in the courts. Possible benefits to farmers if crop can be produced locally. Also possible boost to tourism (why would anybody want to go to Amsterdam otherwise apart from legal prostitutes of course ;-) ).

  1. Deco

    Well in consideration of the fact that sub-prime intellectual thinking created this mess, do we really want to obliterate what remains of the national brain cell resource – after the past decade of binge drinking. The national brain cell resource is considerably depleted. We need to improve our intellectual capabilities, not sedate our intellects !!!! It is the subdued intellectual state of Irish society that built up this gigantic debt bubble, and a belief that life was about creating delusions and illusions.

    Delusionary thinking created the current mess. I fear that people taking increased levels of mind alterinf substances, will produce more delusionary thinking.

    Apart from that I have often listened to Martin Cullen and asked myself ‘what has he been smoking?’ :)))) We cannot have a culture of inadequate intellectual activity, or a failure to accept responsibility. (Both evident traits of MC).

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