March 11, 2009

Permanent Cabinet Re-Shuffle

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Maybe Ireland needs a different system of government whereby the cabinet is appointed based on their backgrounds and abilities rather than on political BS. The current raft of deputies in Dail Eireann seem to be mostly teachers, solicitors or farmers. I have nothing against any of these professions but we need economists, and business people at the helm now to get through this mess in one piece. Names like David McWilliams, Morgan Kelly, Alan Ahern, come to mind. Even successful business people (non builder variety) like Peter Sutherland, Dermot Desmond and Tony O\’Reilly. These are the kind of people who should be taking these really hard decisions. Not clowns like Cowen, Linehan and the cosseted civil servants in the department of Finance who have never had to make a hard decision or put their careers on the line at any time during their employment.

Maybe the Americans are doing something right.

  1. Deco

    We need to be very careful. A lot of the private sector is run by serial careerists who are just politicians by another name…..

    There must be an intelligence and a public service requirement also.

    Also something needs to be done about the fact that people of ability seem to get shafted. Just look at Willie Walsh. Willie turned around Aer Lingus. Ahern was jealous of Walsh – people wanted Walsh to run CIE, and even the country. So Ahern nipped that it in the bud, and sacked Walsh.

    Walsh was the victim of a persistent plague on people of ability in Ireland – he was sacked because of wholescale competence – he was too competent so he got removed – so as to make the other incompetence oafs feel comfortable.

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