March 10, 2009

Go Nuclear!

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Going Nuclear to secure our energy independence is an obvious way to help the country. Not only will it secure our energy needs in the future, it will create massive employment in the engineering, technology, and construction sectors, not to mention the jobs created in support industries. Also, the financial benefits (no need for carbon credits and cheaper electricity) and environmental benefits (low CO2) are huge. Time is up; we must start the move to Nuclear Power now!

  1. Lorcan

    Another plus about the Nuclear option is that we have our own Uranium in Donegal, only problem is that our current (green party) minister refuses to allow exploitation of the resource due to Ireland’s anti-nuclear stance.

    It should also be noted that the lead-times for a nuclear generator would probably be in the region of 15 years.

  2. Deco

    This will start a big argument about where to locate the Nuclear plant. Locating it in Carnsore was impossible in the 1970s. It will be impossible to build it in the East Coast after all the Sellafield Campaigning. And forget about South Leinster/Muster – basically that region is built on agriculture, fishing and tourism.

    Which leaves the West. Very little power is consumed in the West. So this is uneconomical.
    Then there is the issue of waste.

    I think it is better to try tidal, or wind first.

    If we are to consider Nuclear, then Thorium is a much better option than Uranium. It is much more efficient, and has less waste. But the French state giant Areva is busy lobbying in Brussels to prevent Thorium, because it can also be used to burn Plutonium in competition with the Areva technology used in the MOX plants.

    Finally, let us remember that Chernobyll was rumoured to be caused because of alcohol consumption. Alcohol and Nuclear power are a very dangerous combination. And this also needs to be considered – until the national problem with booze gets corrected.

  3. Indeed, Thorium is a much nicer option on this front, but some years away from full commercial implementation. It doesn’t have to ‘burn’ plutonium, you can have it fed from an accelerator, but this sounds like a more expensive proposition (though nice due to it’s off at the flick of a switch nature)

  4. liam


    Chernobyl was cause by two things: fuckwits in the control room, and a fundamentally flawed design.

    Fuckwits caused the actual incident, however it would almost certainly have been contained if the design of the reactor housing, the concrete ‘lid’ in particular, had been western.

    Agree with OP, see comments in the ‘Energy’ Idea as these are complimentary.

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