March 6, 2009

Hold a General Election

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General Election: we need to have a general election. Why? Because the economic environment has changed radically. The parties and the personnel that are in power now, are the people that were complicit in exacerbating the problems we are having now. Also, no-one in the Dail was voted in based on the repair solutions they want ti implement. No-one.

Everyone deserves a fair crack of the whip, I am not promoting any party over another, far from it, so let the various candidates and parties put forward their best manifesto’s and plans (details please) for steering us through this ‘storm’ and then let the people decide with their votes.

Its called democracy.

  1. trevorhay

    I disagree. Holding a general election would be yet another bad mark against Ireland Inc. to the rest of the world, and would cause us more harm in the long run.

    The problem with saying “let the people decide with their votes.” is that many voters are so disenfranchised with the current government that we could predict exactly who the next government would be before even a one ballot is cast.

  2. I agree.

    Firstly, democracy: the current government were fairly and democratically elected.

    I felt at the time that it was out of greed: people just wanted the good times to keep on rolling, even though they had no real like of Fianna Fail. You get the government you deserve.

    Secondly, we have no viable alternative. Another coalition will be just as shaky and will also have to take unpopular decisions.

    What we need now is for the current government to make some hard but fair choices, include anyone from any part of the political spectrum that has a good idea, and get on and do it!

    We are two elections past when a change of government could have done any good.

  3. McGoo

    Would anyone actually want to be elected right now? I don’t see FG calling for an election.
    If there was an election, the smart thing for the opposition parties to do would be to simply not run! Or run a “don’t vote for me” campaign. There are bad times and unpopular decisions ahead no matter who is in power, and no-one wants to be be the public face of pain.

  4. connolp5

    Yes I agree there should be a general election. Everyone agrees that there has to be a clear-out of the top bankers in this country. By the same token the government must be cleared out they are equally tainted by their past actions.
    We need a government in place with a mandate from the people to make the difficult choices which are needed. Hopefully a new administration would take on board some of the suggestions that are plainly stated on this site.
    Roll on with a short sharp campaign!!

  5. Deco

    We need an alternative government. We don’t have any. So that leaves us in a real CONUNDRUM !!

    Let us see how much the local election and Euro election changes things in June. I expect local factors to reduce the fall somewhat in the local elections.

    But we can expect the Euro elections to be a real humiliation to FF – because MEPs are distant figures for most voters – and are thereby better targets for frustration amongst the electorate.

    Fianna Fail might even end up with two MEPs (one in North West, and One in East) and none in Dublin or South.

    Apart from that does anybody know that there is a quirk in the number seats. Munster has the highest electorate of the four constituencies, but Dublin has 33% more representation. (And suprisingly the ever particular and conscious voters in the PRC(People’s Republic of Cork) seem to have missed this).

    Our best realistic hope in the next twelve months is that a trouncing in the local elections will change the worldview of Fianna Fail backbenchers. And hopefully result in a surge against the Fianna Fail frontbench which is clearly underperforming. Though the Green party are happy with the Fianna Fail front bench.

  6. liam

    We need a revolution, not an election. the current system is clearly broken.

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