October 9, 2008

Leviathan: US Presidential Election Special

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8 PM ’til LATE


It’s a campaign that has captured the attention and imagination of people across the globe like never before.

It’s a campaign that has been the most intensely analysed, scrutinised and satirised in living memory.

It’s a campaign whose historical climax on November 4th you are going to want to experience as fully as is possible in Ireland.

Leviathan Political Cabaret marks its relaunch with a very special and unique event which will capture all the excitement, elation and despair over the course of one night as it becomes clear who will lead the United States and, arguably, the Western World, for the next four years.

The event will be hosted by author, economist and broadcaster David McWilliams with a rolling panel of experts, academics, American ex-pats, politicians and commentators.

American exile Richard Delevan will man the blog desk, monitoring online activity and analysing leaked exit polls, rumours and breaking news.

There will be expert analysis of the media coverage of the campaign and polling day with live big-screen links to Fox, NBC, CNN and others.

Paddy Cullivan will report live from New York City with subversive commentary and music and some very special guests.

Free Wi-Fi will be available for live blogging.

Tickets €25 available from www.tickets.ie


Image source: WikiPedia, reproduced under creative commons licence

  1. Ire_in_Exile

    With the world in deep crisis (and certainly in the most volatile state since the years leading up to the first world war) the world’s most powerful Nation now needs to call on a leader of great strength and vision, the USA requires a giant of history to grasp the reins, the urgent call is for a Washington, a Franklin, a Roosevelt…but who have we actually got on the ticket?

    The choice is-

    A greenhorn Kenyan muslim Black Panther with a grinning coathanger for a VP


    A pyschotic septenegarian with a shotgun swinging Hockey mom for a VP.

    Now nobody tell me that the rest of the world should be not very worried indeed whatever the outcome!!!

  2. Ron Paul was America's Hope

    America needs an economist for President. Ron Paul has written and studied economics for decades. He predicted the current mess…..
    but the US media….right, left and centre were terrified because he was able to pick followers right across the political spectrum….he had a straight answer to every question….he was getting more money from the military servicemen than Obama, Clinton and McCain combined….because they knew that he had the answers…..and not McCain with all his….’I know all about military affairs’ mantra. The media all did everything they could to marginalize him. Because he was a threat to the entire profit for politics system. And Palin was an attempt to hit the same disquiet in the American population. Something that McCain had no intention of doing, except for the fact that he was so far behind Obama, that he had to do something. Ron Paul was providing an intellectual argument against the unsustainable lifestyle that has bankrupted much of America….he was afterall criticising the lifestyle that provided the media with an advertising dollar…makes you realise who is really running America….Corporate America !!

  3. This presidential election in America is unique in so many counts. To me the varieties of issues facing the country and the whole race and coverage with analysis and allegation, counter allegation is also unique. But the point which I would like to emphasize here; the most important for me is the responsibility which this election puts on our shoulder. This responsibility is to casting the votes with understanding and caution not for the short term or emotional influence but keeping in mind the larger prospective of this great country’s future. So each one of eligible voters must use the voting rights in this critical election to choose the most suitable candidate. Thanks
    Dear Citizen:
    Are you ready yet for the November 4th Elections? How about your friends, family, and neighbors?
    More Americans are expected to vote this year than ever before in history, so don’t be left out! Be sure to ask everyone you know the following questions:
     Are you registered to vote? If you moved recently, have you updated your voter registration?
     Did you apply for an Absentee Ballot? Do you know your state may not require any reason?
     Can you find your local Polling Place? Do you know it may have changed from last time?
    The answers to these questions — and all your voting needs — can be found at http://www.StateDemocracy.org — the FREE 1-Stop citizen empowerment portal that Delivers Democracy to your Desktop! StateDemocracy is among the Internet’s first (since 2001) and most encompassing civic empowerment tools.
    In order to boost voter participation this year, StateDemocracy.org is offering FREE widgets for all 50 states. You can simply download and embed these widgets into your own website so your visitors can register to vote, get an absentee ballot or find their local polling place.
    Lobby Congress Via StateDemocracy
    StateDemocracy.org also equips you to maintain an active dialog with your state and federal lawmakers once they are elected. And RIGHT NOW is an especially opportune time to contact your U.S. Senators and House Member, as Congress takes up major legislation on such issues as offshore oil drilling, another economic stimulus package and all federal appropriations bills over the next few weeks.
    As you lobby your elected officials, remember that lawmakers view your constituent input as reflective of scores of other citizens who felt similarly, but didn’t have (or take) the time to share their opinions.
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  4. RealityCheck

    I’d love to go but how can you justify the ticket price?
    If I could get work off on Wednesday I’d go to this free event


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