December 3, 2007

David on Dunphy

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David was recently on the RTE Radio 1 show, “Conversations With Eamon Dunphy”.
Full interview is available from the RTE website here.

  1. Paul

    Good interview, even if Dunphy was his usual prickly self…

  2. JJ Tatten

    As I live abroad, I’ve only ever seen Eamonn Dunphy in a soccer pundit role – and I think he should stick to it because he doesn’t seem to be able to keep his trap shut long enough for his guests to answer questions. As for the class-obsession,… jesus give it a rest – I’m a working-class northsider and I flicked that chip off me shoulder years ago. I think Diarmuid Ferriter – who presents What If on Radio 1 – is much better suited to this sort of show. Also, Dunphy sounds as though he has either been knockin back the nail varnish remover, or he’s simply too lazy to open his mouth properly. He also often didn’t seem to understand what David was talking about – maybe he has invested in property and just can’t face the truth, or perhaps too many kicks in the face at Millwall FC. Don’t waste your time with this sort of interviewer David – you’re only throwing strawberries at pigs.

  3. Kevin Hayes

    Could have been a better interview, especially if Eamonn Dunphy had let you develop some of your economic points more towards the end… for me the music interrupted the flow and added nothing… there’s a good interview coming with you sometime, this was not it, not your fault…

  4. Gusman

    I wonder what Dunphy’s opinion on coke is now?

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