May 1, 2007

Naomi Wolf

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Naomi Wolf is an American writer. At a relatively young age, she became literary star of what was later described as the ‘third-wave’ of the feminist movement and she is also known for her advocacy of progressive politics.

Full length interview: 7mins · Original air date: 13th January 2002 · Video Footage kindly provided by TV3

  1. If anyone ever needed a good shag or two, this woman does! I pity the man in her life! She would just be would one constant nag, albeit a sophisticated nag.

    A good example of a femi nazi if ever there was one. Self absorbed pretentious hypocrite.

  2. Bridget

    Oh shucks Chucks perhaps there isn’t a man in her life for you to pity but maybe a woman. Save your pity for yourself and your ovbiously narrow mind shag tool !

  3. Well I find that woman exactly as described. She is a self absorbed pretentious hypocrite who most likely does indeed need a good shagging.

    She does not speak for me and I don’t think I am narrow minded just because I have a radically different view of the world, and women’s place in it. Her views are condescending and arrogant, she is more like a man than she can ever grasp evidently. She is part of the ” RENT A GOB” mob who only divide the genders and do more damage to women than good.

    I have little difficulty in feeling myself to be of no less value to any man. We are just made differently and the more we accept and rejoice in those differences the better.

  4. A typical deluded whiney feminist diatribe based on mere subjectivism and feminist LIES – not facts.The media and the state are feminist dominated And every inteligent person on the planet has known this foer some time. IT IS WORKING MEN who are and and ALWAYS have been second class citizens.There is now the hidden holocaust of mens suicides.MOSTLY YOUNG MEN -WHY would this be ?There are a small group of men – the political class (left or right is irrelevant these moral flatworms are all feminist toadies – because feminists are “useful idiots” to big busineds for these men of course – there is no crisis.They are happy enough because they dont have to give up their jobs for “quota queens”..They are happy to let their unjust laws hit men lower down the social scale.The best website for debunking the politicaly correct dishonesty of ivory tower academics is: Dave I along with more men than you relalise, read Harry we are switching off the pc feminist dominated tv in droves. Furthermore I have lost friends colleagues and relatives in this suicuide epidemic. A well known feminist on a tv station commented that the increase in mens suicides “was a good thing”….I could go on… read… Harry and learn.

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