January 17, 2007

World Economic Forum: Young Global Leader

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David has been selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader (YGL), joining the forum of Young Global Leaders.
Press release available here.

Young Global Leaders
The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a newly formed, unique, multi-stakeholder community of the world’s most extraordinary leaders who are 40 years old or younger and who are ready to dedicate a part of their time and energy to jointly work towards a better future.

Further info on the forum is available from the website www.younggloballeaders.org.

  1. Rather spiffy clientele…

    I’m very pleased for one of my very good clients, David McWilliams, who has just recently been selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. The only Paddy on the list!
    I’ve been involved in the McWilliams web project since it’s sta…

  2. Isobel

    Congratulations David, I knew you would get the recognition you deserve, its only the beginning…Well done. Isobel

  3. Dan Hayes

    David & Groupies:

    What am I to make of such balderdash as “multi-stakeholder”, “unique”, “time and energy”. It sounds like an amalgamation of humdrum bureaucratize and a solicitation for Florida underwater real estate property (which in current Irishese would be a hot property solicitation for some Middle East Potamkin Village shortly to be cleansed of the Infidels).

    Congratulations on your appointment to such an august body.


  4. Tomas Levinsky

    Was your selection because of
    a. Your incorrect call on the Irish property market for eight straight years in a row.
    b. Your incorrect call on oil prices which have been falling since last summer
    c. Your incorrect call about the Americans keeping Sadam alive.
    d. Everyone on this forum of Young Global Leaders talks as much rubbish as you do.
    e. a combination of the above?

  5. Of course, it was because Gavin, my son and heir, was on the panel who picked these fine Young Global Leaders

  6. name


    Another neo-con in the making …

    zippidy-doo-dah! Another semi-operational mind lost to the great mammon ..

  7. Patrick Kelly

    congratulations on your achievement to New Global Leader.Just looking at the age ceiling which is 40 or under, which reminded me of your SBP article some time ago that 40 is the new 21!
    Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon in SBP as you have been missed this last few weeks.
    Enjoy Dublin v Tyrone. What about that as a social phenomenon? Night time economy Croker style!
    Up the Celts !


  8. Neil M

    Hmmm, perhaps the site needs yet another re-think now that we have a world leader on the banner! Onwards and upwards David. Well done, sir!


  9. [...] The frequency with which David McWilliams has switched occupations during his career would worry most potential employers.  Not quite forty, he’s been at various times an investment banker, morning show radio guy, government advisor, book author, cabaret host (part time) and now a Young Global Leader of the World  (a full time job, we assume). [...]

  10. [...] The frequency with which David McWilliams has switched occupations during his career would worry most potential employers. Not quite forty, he’s been at various times an investment banker, morning show radio guy, government advisor, book author, cabaret host (part time) and now a Young Global Leader of the World (a full time job, we assume). [...]

  11. john smyth

    how did such a dope get on serious ur book abuses statistics redictulasly.

  12. Komeddyk

    Somebody using pheromons to attract women, whether is real it?
    Where they can be got?

  13. Deirdre

    Congrats David. Hope you can make a difference and that this is the start of the recognition you deserve.

  14. Hello David My name is John and am slightly worried about world economy. In the US this morning a baby born will owe the fed $99,000 Thousand we in Ireland a baby born at Rotunda will owe Berty 2000 euro. National debt in US of A is approximately 10 – 37 Trillion Dollars depending on what article I read. If and when China and Japan dump $ bonds (yes dump) the US is up the creek. Over last 18 months the $ has decreased in value against the Euro and Sterling by 37%. With their little problem of home ownership really only starting the decline of America as the minder of the worlds currency. I purchased gold 5 weeks ago at $645 to days price £718. Why o why do dear old Ireland stick to equities when fortunes can be made in commodities Gold down to lettuce plants. with the demand from India and China , this time next year oil will be $145 barrel The country that is manufacturing is where to invest. When General Motors or Ford make a car in US they lose $143 on each car so cheaper to import. I like your articles David ,the recession in a sense will be worse that 1929

  15. Hi David John Watson I last reported September 18th 2007 Gold $747 per oz today 28 Nov gold up to $841 per oz I will report again when gold reaches $1000 per oz then again at $1500 per oz. The same trading example happened mid 80s gold purchased at $400 per oz sold at $ 800 per oz. Gold peaked at $950 per oz, but do not get selfish, you can still invest in the precious metal and get 100% return. Since the Roman Empire gold coins were minted and was a currency. Nothing has changed as long as th $ dollar is in trouble gold is the currency, forget your ISEQ and Ftse. equity stocks get into commodities immediately Gold and gold mining stocks will rise and rise. Watch silver as well?

  16. Hi Folks, I would like you to think of the American economy, over the weekend, as it is in bad shape I reported on this site September 18 that trouble was very close, my American investor manager and bank manager friends know that the US is in recession, but the White House believes they can go and spend, this time they cannot spend their way through the drop of the dollar losing 37% value over the last last 3 months. the US national dept is 52 trillion up to 76 trillion dollars whichever honest American Investment site you visit. I would love to be wrong, as I still have very lovely American friends who are so worried with the huge increase in mortgages, supermarket shopping and petrol just over $ 5 per gallon. For every 1 shipload the US export, 7 ships are waiting to unload in America for the consumer market. I would love to hear comments on this dated 30th November 2007

    Kind Regards

    John Watson

  17. David Bourke

    Dear David. Well done. Do you remember the put down Dan McLoughlin gave you on Prime Time.

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