January 15, 2007

The Redhead Vs The Reds

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Socialism Debate with Joe Higgins

David debated with Joe Higgins TD of the Socialist Party at “Socialism 2006″ back in October 2006, on “Is there an alternative to the capitalist market?”.

Runtime: 2hrs 20min 20s, Size: 24MB, download mp3 file direct here.

Press play button above to listen.

If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing on the site, you can also download the full length version as a podcast:
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  1. Mark

    I was at the debate and I was surprised at how little preparation David had done. He seemed genuinely confused about some of the positions of the Socialist Party.

  2. Lugs

    Great podcast – interesting contributions from both speakers.

    David, when the current boom phase completes, you forecast the rise of a xenophobic anti-immigration platform in Ireland, emerging from one of the existing parties. I don’t think such a development is inevitable, but it does unfortunately seem likely, considering the recent political history of nearby states in Europe (Le Pen in France, PW in Holland, Haider in Austria, etc etc). Just for fun – which Irish party do you forecast will take the low road? My money’s on the Blueshirts – ref. Enda’s recent “Celtic and Christian” speech, and it’s got a young, volatile pretender to the throne. Or maybe the Sinn Fein – they’ve already got the slogan in the Party name, after all I can’t see the PD’s opposing immigration – it’s hard enough to get good servants as it is. And middle class labour would feel too much self-loathing to send anyone home. Thanks for the podcasts – keep them coming.

  3. huge

    Hi. The link to this discussion doesn’t seem to be working. I’d love to hear it. Any chance you could upload it again or whatever needs to be done in such circumstances?

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