December 6, 2006

3rd Anniversary Show - Ireland in 2016: The Pope's Revenge

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Leviathan Logo 3rd ANNIVERSARY SHOW

“Ireland in 2016: The Pope’s Revenge”

It’s time for crystal ball gazing on the Ireland of tomorrow. Ten years down the road and what is in store for us? Dingle as a suburb of Dublin? A Polish Taoiseach? The boom gone bust?

Hosted by David McWilliams.

Joining David on the night will be:

Harry Crosbie: property developer extraordinaire and owner of the Point Depot.
Katie Hannon: Prime Time reporter and former political correspondent
Simon McGarr: Blogger on
Sarah Carey: Columnist with the Sunday Times,

Colm O’Mongain: RTE reporter and previous Leviathan contributor

Bernard O’Shea (TJ & TJ from The Last Word) will read from
“Celtic Apocalypse” — his new Doomsday/War of the Worlds view on
Ireland in 2016
Paddy Cullivan aka Clint Velour (Tubridy Tonight) with 2016: The Musical.

Leviathan: Political Cabaret
Thursday December 14th @ 9pm
CrawDaddy, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2.
Special reduced anniversary ticket price €15 + booking fee

from & on the door

“Leviathan is the hottest ticket in town…” The New York Times.

Previous debates can be downloaded from:
Live discussion at

  1. Ed


    Can you not get some heavy-weights from Industry and Academia – who wants to hear more about the property juggernaut.

  2. Materialisim is all about what I can have now, not in 10 years time 2016.

    There is nothing new about boom to bust, its been done before in more developed economies.
    At the end of the day we are dealing with human narure, except there are many varying degrees of want.
    The USA is a prime example of lets have it all to day, because we are easy driven in the keep up with the jones’s society, the Irish are no different.
    We may well have a Polish Taoiseach in the future,
    Can you remember when you were a teenager, did you worry about the future, I doubt it and neither did I.
    What is of more immediate concern to all of us( 40 plus teenagers, I am 64) right now is, will the USA economy go belly up at any stage in the future, because if it does, we are then really in deep trouble from a number positions, least of all, exports and employment.
    Enjoy the debate.


    Gerry O Connor

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  5. OilKing

    Daivd, when will this Leviathan be available on Podcast?? Thanks and regards

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