November 13, 2006

David McWilliams interview on Ryan Tubridy show

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David discusses his current TV series based on the book and tells Ryan about his business and family background on the Ryan Tubridy show on RTE radio 1.

The interview is contained in a realplayer streaming audio file of the Ryan Tubridy show which can be listened to here.

  1. Frank Buckley


    I’m an avid reader of your columns for a good few years now and I have always been a disciple of your consistent theme of reckless credit expansion.

    I didn’t like the first show (Pope’s Children) but I thought the second restored some credibility by virtue of being more critical of this consumer boom and the reckless lending. Presume the third show is going to be a more apocalyptic view of the future . I’m convinced it will be a big external shock that brings the deck of cards tumbling, either :
    - an ‘Intel’ pulling out of Ireland and/or
    - a significant terrorist action in UK/Ireland and/or
    - a major banking collapse and/or
    - a dramatic upwards on oil prices and/or
    - none of the above

    I bought one of these sale & leasebacks in the South of France 18 months ago. My decision was based on a comparison of a two bed apartment in ‘uptown’ Tullamore (my hometown) at € 250k compared to a two bed a la Med (quatre cent metres de la mer a Languedoc !!) for € 92k… no brainer really when you think about it. It’s that imbalance that really puts the sh1ts up you.

    Keep banging that drum about credit !! Ciao !!

    PS : You shouldn’t have given that Dean of Law such a hard time on Monday night, he did have a point about the first show being a bit one dimensional. Then again, the two pariahs I see these days are lawyers and health “workers”…. a plague on both their houses.

  2. I just finished talking with my financial advisor and the subject came up about the younger people that are maxed out on their credit cards, live in a Mortgaged Apartment, eat out 2 or 3 times a week. drive around in a Late model car and yet are one pay cheque away from the Street…Ohhh, I live in Boston and we are talking about Masssachusetts not Ireland!!!!!!

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