May 4, 2006

Leviathan Podcast: When Will The Property Bubble Burst?

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Why are the Irish so obsessed with owning property? Why do we continue to ignore the warning signs? Are the predictors of doom just determined to wreck our great boom buzz or are they wiser than most? Will it all end in tears? How on earth can first-time buyers get their foot on the property ladder this side of Gort?

Host David McWilliams presents musical comedy from Paddy Cullivan, stand-up comedy from Bernard O’Shea and a lively interactive panel discussion with Managing Director of HOK, Paul McNeive; Evening Herald columnist, Dan White; co-founder of, Eamonn Fallon; and property investor Ria Lawlor.  Listen out at the end of the show for an extraordinary turn from the mysterious “Hughie Tuohy” from HOK!

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  1. The sound coming from htis clip is distorted.


  2. webmaster

    Hi Oliver, thanks for pointing that out. The “chipmunk” sound effect has been removed!

  3. rcad

    The chipmunk effect is still present. :-( Can you take another go at removing it please?

  4. webmaster

    Hi folks, sorry about that. I had it fixed, but the chipmunks got back in. I’ve now posted sentries to prevent them re-taking the clip.


  5. Mike

    Well the long awaited crash is well underway now a year after this event.

    11 May 2007

  6. Dermot

    The crash is here for residental property and now the contractors/Developers and banks are getting into a frenzy of commercial property building.
    This again is pure maddness as the commerical properties (i.e retail warehouses etc) are been built for products associated with the residental building industry and if you look at data from Experian 4 out 10 companies going bust are in the Building trades or associate trades

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