April 17, 2004

Hillary Clinton - Part I

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Hillary Clinton talks about the founding fathers and their lasting effect on modern America. Part II

  1. David MacSeai'n

    This things H. Clinton is talking about here, all this immigration, is what Ireland doesent want. It can be airbrushed and made to sound so good, but on the backside, can ruin our beutiful Island. I read a commentary you composed in the ‘The post.ie’ titled “A Glimpse of Ireland’s Future” and in it you raise the question “is this what you want?” I certainly say not! It saddens me to see the Ireland I know be deluted. Do we want to just give our Island away to other nationalities? I have been in and out of the USA for most of my 37 years, have seen first hand how immigration can create chaos and generally pull on an economy rather than bolster it. I think however, that we have reached the ‘event horizon’ on this, and the powers that be need to take control before the situation gets out of control.

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