December 1, 2003

Naomi Klein

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Full length audio version of David’s interview with Naomi Klein, author of “No Logo”, on her favourite topic, globalistion.

  1. Philip

    Sounds like the story of the tower of babel may be starting to reassert itself. As we all standardise to faciliate the global economy, we are in fact building a bigger hierarchy with fewer and fewer voices having any ability to say what needs to happen.The tyranny of the expert indeed!

    No wonder innovation is slowing down. People are feeling more powerless as the faceless few dictate the the path you shall follow. And once enough folks get contented (becasue they’re alright jack), the few headcases with real ideas get locked up. Experts with big mortgages will conform and play the party line – dumbing down and fear to think the unthinkable will be inevitable. I wonder if like global warming, we may have passed a tipping point?

    The barbarians are at the gate. Maybe they need to be let in…

  2. Martha

    David asks:- Who is driving the conformity you that you speak about?

    I’ll answer that question for you David. They are the products of a rigorous “Christian” education, or should I say, schooling. In other words, those who dictate The Norm, i.e., lead the masses (lambs to the slaughter) are the craziest in our midst. They are the “well-educated” and the “well-heeled” in our society – posing as normal human beings, like their parents and grand-parents before them. But all they are doing is pretending to be what the are not; all the while, leading the ignorant, but mostly cowering, masses over the cliff.

    Now, about that Desmond O’Conell matter…

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